Espresso coffee machine, 3 groups, with a new “hybrid” concept: 2 electronic programmable dosing groups allow to easily prepare your coffee shots with the simple push of a button, and 1 mechanical lever group with double spring mechanism enables the preparation of the real espresso coffee, according to the best Italian tradition.

With the lever group, the barista can change the preferred pressure profile, and control it with the gauge mounted on the group.

High capacity boiler for greater temperature stability.


Press forged chromed brass groups with valves infusion chamber.

Chromed brass group with mechanical movement.

Indipendent radiator hydraulic system for every group.

Manual boiler water charge button.

Electrical cups warmer.

Cup-warmer luminous switch.

Anti-vacuum valve.

Manometer for the boiler pressure control.

Gauge for pump pressure control.

Electronic automatic water level.

Water level control with sight glass.

Two flexible steam jet.

One hot water tap with flexible jet.

Electrical heating up with safety thermostat.

Gas heating. (optional)

Electropump: internal included.

Colours: Red, blue, inox.

Voltage: V. 230 – V. 230/3 – V. 400/3N (50/60 Hz.).

Heating element: 2 groups 5465 W. – 3 groups 6555 W.

Boiler capacity: lt. 30

Width: L mm – depth: P mm – height: A mm: 1098 x 532 x 550